XN 64

Other information:

he powerful and durable ironing system!

Less time ironing – more time for yourself …

Perfect for sanatoriums, hotels, boarding houses, motels and other establishments!


• Power – 1950-2100 W

• The water tank – 1 liter

• Steam generator – Stainless Steel

• Steam pressure – 1-3 bar

• Baler pressure – 46 kg

• Weight – 14 kg

• Dimensions (width-height-depth) – 630 x 670 x 260 mm

• Temperature control

• Steam preparation indicator light

• On / Off switch

• Automatic security system – Press the sleep timer

• Plate lock mechanism

Why ironing presses? Why steam ironing presses?

Why Eksena XN64, the fourth generation of steam presses?

Fourth generation: Ironing presses Eksena XN64 is the first to be adapted to the fourth generation of steam generation technology. Its powerful steam and 46kg of pressure will be satisfied with a professional ironing results.

Saves you time: Compared with normal slingshots using XN64 will spend half the time. It is enough to maintain the ironing press closed at only 2-3 seconds and the fabric will be leveled. So as you can save time.

Does not require much effort: Comparing the need to use force. Only unfold the garment properly on the ironing surface and easily lower the handle. Closed trouser press itself depressing 46kg weight.

Save energy: XN64 consume as much energy as conventional irons. However, shorter ironing time due to reduced electricity consumption.

Ironing surface: Upper ironing board, coated with Teflon, which heat the board better maintained and evenly distributed. In addition teflon coated ironing board will last longer. The lower plate is a special non-stick coated cloth.

Measure your sitting: Usually comparing you stand and inevitably bend, so as you can paskausti back, tired legs. The XN64 you can iron while sitting, as compared with this press, you do not need to use force.

Dry ironing: shifting the steam knob to position “steam-off” (no steam), you can compare the dry method. If necessary, you can spray water by pressing the button.

• Security: XN64 is equipped with electronic shutdown system. Leave it closed, after 30 seconds, trouser press itself off and sounds an alarm. When the press is opened, a warning signal is activated after 8 minutes of non-use.

Clothes always look like new: Since trouser press depressing rather than rubbing (as usual laidybės), then nap remain stuck together one to another. As a result, wear anti-glare and looks the same as the day when you bought them.

Complicated compared clothing parts: On two types of cushion ironing will professionally equalize such difficult areas as compared sleeves or shoulders.

Durability: XN64 body is metal, so long life and do not deform. The ironing press components to meet the highest standards; their durability is tested, and ironing presses will serve you a long time.

Easy to carry: Lock ironing press with locking knob, you can easily carry it by holding the handle, and hold anywhere in the home.

Water capacity: XN64 ironing presses the water tank can be up to 1 liter of water, so the comparison will not need a water refilling.

• Stand: In addition to trouser presses, you can buy hair stand on which you can compare to any place at home.